Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
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February 16, 2010

Mt. Nagsasa Traverse to Nagsasa Cove : 3rd Time's a Charm!

You may call me a climb addict. But yes, I returned to Nagsasa again last weekend. And the decision was very much worth-it. We had a PERFECT climb - the weather was good, we were the only visitors on chiefs Ogos place, the beach was calm and the food was great. Since its the cove that I dont have much entry on my previous blogs, this is the one I will discuss (I didnt enjoy the beach much on my previous trips, one of the reasons for the return trip)
  • the sand is better than Anawangin. Much finer, that one of colleague told me if it was white sand the place would look like Boracay.
  • the water is clearer.
  • the place still pristine due to less visitors compared to Anawangin. Less visitor means very quiet place. Very nice for relaxing.
  • there is a chance to buy a newly haul fish from fishermen.
  • your 70-100 pesos payment of the place is very much worth-it. Locals are very willing to assist you if you need help. And you can use their equipment if in case you need any (stove, water container, etc)

And dipping to the crystal water of Pinaglabanan river is an added bonus.

Dara our guide dog.

the beach


water up to my knee

water up to my waist

our kitchen


our pulutan (and became breakfast too!)

our dinner

why so serious?

jump for joy!

sad to leave.... =(

pinaglabanan river

February 7, 2010

Mt. Nagsasa Traverse to Nagsasa Cove Part Deux

After my typhoon trip to Nagsasa last September its inevitable that I will return to fully appreciate the place. Since Nagsasa Cove is a new place for outdoor lovers (especially the trail way), I proposed to PALMC to make it an official climb of the club, with me taking the job as the EL.
I won't go much into details on how to go to the place since I've already done it in my previous entry to this blog. For starters, its already summer and the most noticeable difference from last time is that the trail is very dry. With almost everything colored brown. Most of the rivers don't have water and what you can only see are big chunks of stones. The very opposite the last time. Its still recommended that you trek very early morning so that you can escape the scorching heat of the sun. And be at the cove around 09:00am before the heat of the sun peaks.
There are parts of the trail which had been burned by locals. According to our guide some locals do this to refresh the grass(new grass will grow for cows). Some parts was still burning when we passed by that we can still feel the burning heat. The cove is now starting to be commercialize. There are several picnic tables now and several bathrooms have been erected. There are a few sari-sari stores too, with the price of goods double that of SRP.
The next day there are participants of the climb who took the boat. We were scheduled to trek back, other than I don't want to ride a fishing boat for almost two hours, I also want to dip at Pinaglaban River. A big river that almost look like a small lake, where water is continually flowing. The only problem with trekking back is that you cant escape the burning heat of the sun. We left the cove around 11:00am, just when the sun is directly above us.

I have several experience in organizing climbs but this is the first time I have this much participant (25pax). And most specialy this is the first time I've been an EL for PALMC official climb. I never imagined it was this difficult hehe. But it was a very succesfull climb. I learned a lot from this experience, and hopefully I can use it if ever I'll be an EL again

Balingkilat on the background

Dry Trail

Nagsasa cove from top of Mt. Nagsasa

Can't believe its this dry

Nice Sand

Pinaglabanan river