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April 5, 2021

Review : ASICS Cumulus 22 (Tokyo Edition)

  Since we are still on pandemic, I was'nt able to hike or climb for the entire duration of the lockdown. My blog has been inactive eversince. 

So for now, I will go back to doing reviews on equipments that I have or have recently purchased. 

The pandemic has made us very idle compared when the world was very normal. I gained a few pounds when the rules was more strict and even running was not allowed outside our community. When running was less strict it became one of my workout to lose weight and stay fit. And because I was logging more mileage, I needed a new pair of shoes to replace my old adidas. 

I had been a loyal adidas user since I can remember. But my last 2 purchase was not pleasant and unsatisfactory. Since I had been wanting to own an Asics, I went to purchase one. 

The model is Asics Gel Cumulus 22. 

Its my first time to own this brand and after several mileage here is my honest review. I will be comparing this to the adidas I have owned in the post.

- Has a better grip and give a good traction on the road.
- Has a nice rebound while running, the Flytefoam technology give you a good bounce and sort of saves energy
- More cushioned resulting in more comfort while running
- Looks and feel durable

- Has arch on the toe that my discomfort some
- Twice expensive as my adidas 

After several runs

I have narrow feet which have unusually high arch, specially on the right foot. I have problems on most of my adidas as the right foot arch always hurts while running. I sometimes put cloth or similar to make the sole support my right foot arch. 

But for the Cumulus, after a few runs the pain is gone. The shoe was able to mold to my foots arch. 

I think I might opt to change brand depending on how long this model will last.