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Nature-ral High
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February 9, 2009

Lowe Alpine Beartooth 45

After spending some time in Limbo, I finally gotten hold of this bag. I was a bit reluctant about this bag, but after using it once, it exceeds my expectations. The bag is very good built, just what we should expect of a Lowe Alpine quality. The bag has two main features, the first one is the Centro Adjustment System, which is a very easy adjustment of the back length of the bag depending on the torso of user. It is color coded and is very easy to understand. The other one is the Pure AirZone back ventilation, unlike other bags which has mesh to ventilate your back, this bag has a complete gap with the users back that keeps the airflow continous for less sweat and heat. The space is just enough for light packing. I used to own 60 liter bag which is made locally, I could say that moving to a smaller bag is quite hard at the beginning but later on will give you lots of benefits. Light packing is now the way to go.
The hip belt and shoulder strap is comfortable yet very sturdy, when worn properly is just like the bag is hugging my back. The top cover has an outside and inside pocket for keeping things that you need quick access to. It has two side pockets that can be compressed to lessen the space of the bag for shorter trips. The wand pockets are small but can be use for trekking poles or tent poles. It also comes with a raincover that is durable. The strap in front is only for one trekking pole but can handle two. It also comes with a hydration pocket(but I dont use those, I prefer drinking in bottes)
So far I can give this bag 4.5 out of 5 stars.

- well built
- easy to adjust torso length
- space is just right
- good back ventilation
- good back support, very comfortable
- compared to my previous bag, Im less tired after a trek.

- a bit heavy for a lighpacking bag (3lbs according to net)
- side pockets when use may interfere with wand pockets

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