Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
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January 29, 2017

Salakot Peak of Lobo Mountain Range Expedition

   During our climb of Lobo's Nagpatong and Bangkalan, we noticed an unexplored mountain close to a locals house. We told ourselves that we can go back here one of this days to fully explored the place and introduce it to the community. The name of the peak is Salakot, and one of the prominent peaks along the Lobo mountain ranges. 
    So yesterday, we came back to have the placed explored. Apparently one group went ahead of us according to the guides, but never got to fully document the peak.  After hiking for almost 3 hours, the actual trail at the base of salakot peak (or non existence of) begins in an open area full of Taro plants before the full cover of dense forest. The ground consist of twigs, loose rocks, and muddy trail. After almost an hour of hiking, the summit with 360 view of the entire area is visible. Though very small, the summit is the best in all the peaks I have reach in this area. According to my pro-trek the summit measures 630masl.

And for everyone's information, this peak is different from the Mt. Salakot being connected to the Lalayag monolith gaining popularity this days.

Another question is can this be included in the Nagpatong and Bangkalan peak hike? Yes it can be done just add around 2 hours to your budget time. Just take note that there is no campsite at the summit. 

For those who wants an IT of the climb, just send me an email located in my "about the author" entry.

River crossing at the start of the trail

Katiting falls

Salakot Peak

Twin peak of Salakot albeit a bit smaller

View from the trail

Nagpatong as seen from the trail

another view from the trail going up

Group shot at the summit

We luckily saw a double rainbow in the summit.
Photo Credit to Ervin Reyes

View from the summit, on a clear day the guide said Lalayag monolith can be seen at this angle

View from of Nagpatong peak from the summit

View from of Bangkalan peak from the summit

Berde passage (sorry very blurry)

Group shot after the successful ascent

View of Salakot peak from Nagpatong summit (from our first hike)