Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail

September 7, 2010

Mt. Cinco Picos

I had been monitoring the Tropical Depression (TD) forming up last friday (Sept27). I am worried that it might enter the Philippine area of responsibility. Luckily, the storm which started in the South China Sea was heading WNW and base on my knowledge of Philippine storms if they are headed that direction they would'nt go back unless is pushed by a more powerful typhoon.

Having this information, I decided to push through with our Mt. Cinco Picos climb. If you had been following my blog, Cinco Picos is one of the popular mountains in the Cawag settlement so the jumpoff is just the same. cinco Picos got its name for having five peaks if you view it from a distance. But only three peaks have been scaled, and currently only two can be reached. Though the TD was outside the PI, I am expecting there will be rain. The first hurdle is crossing pinaglabanan river. The rain from previous night had caused it to swell that its normal size. Fortunately there was another group who were also climbing Cinco Picos, they brought in ropes and we were able to cross the river with them. I believed the river can be crossed un-assisted, but its still safer if you had something to hold on to. Thanks to the U-Trek for lending us a hand.

After the river was mostly wide trails that according to our guide was created for mining. Its basically flat trail that is carved in the bottom-mountain side, with several brooks along the way. Looking around, will give you the grand view of the mountains along the area.And because its the rainy season, everything is colored green. Constrasting when its summer that everything is brown.

After a short river trail, you'll go around peak1 and then do an assault of peak2. The trail is very slippery due to moss, surely its more difficult going down. A few minutes of flat walk after the assault of peak2 we reached the campsite. Its a lot smaller compared to Balingkilat, but its not that open and there are a few trees to block the wind coming from the sea. We arrived at the campsite around 2pm and at 3pm started to rain on/off until morning. From what I know Silanguin cove can be seen from the campsite, but its very foggy so theres no visibility. The guides told us that Peak3 (summit) cant be climb. Rarely climbers go there and the trail is not that established. They said also that it might take another day just to go to the summit.

The trail

The view

Onwards to Peak2 summit

Summit shot

Because of the all night rain, the senior guides advised us to take the less taken hunters trail(our guide was a kid). But after going down peak2, it became sunny. So we opted to take the traditional trail. Our analysis was correct, even pinaglaban river was smaller compared to yesterday. We were even able to take a dip before heading back to the jumpoff.

After the rain

Group shot


Swelled Pinaglaban, but still not as big as Yesterday

In two weeks we are heading to Mt. Kanlaon, the Kanlaon climb was actually the purpose of this climb (training climb). And with the rain in all, I guess I was able to push ourselves the limit. So whats next? I plan organize another Cinco Picos climb but one that will traverse to the untouched Silangin Cove. A few have done it so I think its time to do it before it become another Anawangin and Nagsasa.

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