Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail

April 11, 2008

La Mesa Dam Ecopark

It was already late when I remember that April 7 is going to be a holiday. No more time to plan to make use of the long weekend. But I dont wanna waste the oppurtunity just staying at home. Hmmm... what to do, what to do. Aha! La Mesa Dam Ecopark! I recall going here 2-3 years ago. A good getaway within the metro.
We left the house at around 7:30am at arrived there around
9:00. There is already a small queue of guest at the entrance, Entrance fee is only P50, but if your a QC resident you can get a discount. Same for a student, just dont forget to bring your ID.

Below is our Itinerary on that day.

Boating. They have a small lagoon where you can do boating. The boat can carry up to 4 person, dont worry it has a roof to protect you from the sun. Ducks are also domesticated within the lagoon, you can buy duck food from the entrance. Of course, duck feeding is allowed.

Biking. They have a bike place were you can rent bikes. Unfortunately you can't go around the park with the bike. Only along the biking area.

The park has a picnic ground were you can eat. They also have customized grills if your into cooking bbq. I just brought my stove and cookset. Some guest were looking at us maybe wondering with our small bags, how were we able cook hot meals. hehe

Fishing. Theres a fishing ground within the park, fishing rod can also be rented. According to the attendant since its summer worms is not available. The have an alternative bait (which I think is not effective). We didnt caught any fish.

Butterfly Trail. I think this one is a rip off. You pay P30 to see only a few butterflies.

Obstacle course and Viewing deck. I guess you need to climb about a hundreds steps to go to the viewing deck. Here you can see the reservoir itself.

And oh, the park also has a swimming pool. Entrance fee is 8O pesos for the whole day.
All in all its a good place. A great hideaway within the city.


  1. Maybe Wawa Dam is more worth promoting? Wawa is natural tourist site. It's historical - the Japs made their last stand in the Philippines in there in WW 2.

    The place needs much development and improvement though.

  2. hi rltjs,

    Theres a news article I've read a few weeks ago that WAwa dam is to be rehabilitated soon. The reason is to aleviate the looming water crises in the Manila Area.
    Lets just hope that Wawa Dam will get as much attention as La Mesa from the NGO's.