Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
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January 13, 2019

Sta. Ana Beaches - Rivals of the South

   Last year, we spent our Christmas 400KM away from Manila... in Isabela, Cagayan Valley. A few weeks before our trip, Adrian was advised by his pedia to visit a beach. To get some vitamin-SEA. Isabela is a town far from the coast, given this, we decided to visit Sta. Ana, Cagayan. I heard a lot of good review of the beaches around this town, plus we had never been there. One caveat though is that its 263km distance from Isabela!.
   It was a long drive but I love road trips. As long as the view and the road is good (and no traffic). For the first day we stayed in a resort in the city proper of Sta. Ana. Sta Ana is a sleepy town in the north of Luzon. There are a few vehicles but the city is self-sustaining. The resort have good rooms but for the food you have to cook it yourself (or ask he resort to do it for you for a fee). They have kitchen equipments and utinsils that you can use at no extra charge. The beach has black sand and the water is not that calm, this is because its December and northern monsoon is affecting the place. Part of the reason we stayed here on our first day is that so we can rest after a long drive as the more beautiful beaches is farther and more secluded. 

We saw this sight on our way to Tugegarao. It was so beautiful we had to stop to capture the scenery
Black sand beach of Sta Ana

Adrian enjoying the beach

Our dinner bought from the market near by

  For our second day we move to another beach 30 mins away from Sta. Ana - Pozo Robo. It is more secluded than the previous day beach and has finer white sand. The resort has nipa hut rooms that has CR and air-condition, but you have to cook and bring your food. They have common areas for cooking and dine. The beach thrives with lots of sea creatures. Similar to the beach in Sta. Ana, the water is not calm, but if you swim on low tide, the water is calmer as it broken by the shallow corals. 

   I believe long time ago. Only locals visit the place, and only backpackers spent overnight since they are the ones who has equipments. 
   The place is excellent that made the long drive worth it. But it will  be a long time before I visit the place again. 

The view of the beach from our cottage vantage point

Oor accomodation. It was made in the middle of the forest.


Beach at low tide. So many creatures

Hill beside the beach According to our neighbor there are stairs to reach the top. But we had no time to take the hike

Hermit crabs are very abundant in the beach,  among others

On the second day, we were the only visitors on the beach. 

The yard beside our cottage

Pozo Robo  resort. 

Gian made a Christmas tree out of seaweeds

The trail from the main road to the cottages. 

So serere and unspoiled

Side trip: 
   On our way, we stop over Tugegarao and drop by St. Peter Cathedral. It is an old churd made on the 1600s. We also drop by Magapit Suspension Bridge. The biggest bridge that connects the east and west of Cagayan river. 
The cathedral is colored red/maroon, which makes it exceptional

Even the door is well crafted.

The church ceilings is beautifully painted. Reminds me of Sistine Chapel

Longest and biggest suspension bridge in Cagayan which run over Cagayan river. 

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