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Nature-ral High
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January 31, 2019

Philippine 16 Summits (by Region)

The first Filipina who scaled the world 7 summits recently made headlines locally. Around the same time, my friend Bambi Guevarra got an idea to list down the highest summits in the Philippines by region. We called it - Philippine 16 Summits. Below is the list of  the summits with height in Meters Above Sea Level. 

1. Ilocos (Region I) - Mt. Sicapoo 2354 masl 
2. CAR (Region XV) - Mt. Pulag 2926 masl 
3. Cagayan Valley (Region II) - (no confirmed mountain)
    According to Mt Pual is the highest
     Here also are the list of other Mountains in Cagayan region - according to this site
4. Central Luzon (Region III) - Mt. Tapulao 2037 masl 
5. Calbarazon (Region IV-A) - Mt. Banahaw 2158 masl 
6. Mimaropa (Region XVI) - Mt. Halcon 2582 masl 
7. Bicol (Region V) - Mt. Mayon 2462 masl 
8. Western Visayas (Region VI) - Mt. Kanlaon 2465 masl 
9. Central Visayas (Region VII) - Mt. Talinis 1903 masl 
10. Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) - Mt. Alto Peak 1332 masl 
11. North Mindanao (Region X) - Mt. Dulang Dulang 2938 masl 
12. Davao (Region XI) - Mt. Apo 2954 masl 
13. Socsargen (Region XI) - Mt. Matutum 2286 masl 
14. Zamboanga (Region IX) - Mt. Dabiak 2600 masl 
15. CARAGA (Region XIII) - Mt. Hilong hilong 1920 masl 
16. ARMM (Region XVI) - Mt Ragang / Piapayungan 2815 masl

So far I have scaled 5 of the listed mountains. With not being able to summit one due to a guide issue. 

Some consideration.

Three of this mountains are currently closed to hiking. 

  • Mayon
  • Banahaw
  • Ragang - also has safety issue due to insurgency

Would also like to note that three regions highest point share borders to nearby highest summit.

  • Region 2 (Nueva Viscaya) share borders with Mt. Pulag of CAR
  • Socsargen (North Cotabato) share borders with Mt. Apo of Region XI
  • Region VII (Negros Oriental) share borders with Mt Kanlaon of Region VI

Mt Apo

Mt Banahaw

Mt. Kanlaon

Pulag (via Tawangan Trail)

Mt Sicapoo ( I was not able to summit)

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