Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail

May 17, 2010

Magalawa Island

As a self proclaimed nature tripper I had been in constant search for a place I can go and enjoys Gods creation, and if possible share my knowledge on how to protect it. For this year I went to Nagsasa cove and last weekend (May01) to Magalawa Island.
Magalawa Island can be found along the outskirts of Zambales too. From the mainland you just have to take a short boat trip to reach it.I brought along some of my climb and trip buddies to share the place and probably bond together.
So how is the island like? First off, the place is surrounded by several other islands so the water is very calm. I did'nt regret bringing my snorkling gear and there's even a designated and protected place where you can snorkel. The island also resides near a fishing community, so snorkling even just on open water will lead you to view several sea creatures (good and odd looking hehe) Secondly, the shoreline is quite long and the sand is fine. Definitely an A-class beach. Camping wise, there are several trees on the island so you dont have to worry about pitching your tent in the open sun.

But since its summer I'm expecting there will be lots of guest. Not just from far flung Manila but also from near localities. But it turn out there are more than I'm expecting, probably because its a long holiday. (labor day). Good thing is that the influx of guest came when were about to leave.
All in all its a very good place, I will probably come back here on a off-peak season. To enjoy the place to the next level.

The island

The Beach


Snorkel Man!

Snorkel Man meets SeaWeed kid.

Superheroes at work

Newly arrowed fish

Grill them!

"Lato" (edible seaweed). Yum yum.

A hermit crab.

Starfish are everywhere (be careful not to step on them)


  1. hi! this is really nice. care to share how to go to magalawa from manila? is there any toilet or restroom in the island? when do you plan to go there again? can we just tag along? =)

  2. Ano mas maganda nagsasa or magalawa? planning to go this May but i dont know what to choose..

  3. @Travels... instructions were posted by this blogger

    You can view comments section of this blog for contact numbers


  4. apologies for the very late posts...

    @Irene, No plans to go back anytime soon. The place is now very commercialize.

    @Kate, Both are beautiful and have their unique beauties. This information was base from the last time I've been there. I've heard both are commercialize now.