Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail

August 10, 2015

The beauty that is Alibijaban

  As I step into the island, I could not believe myself that such an place exist within Luzon. From the fine white sand, abundance of mangroves, the serenity of the place, calm waters, plentiness of marine life.... I think I am lost for words.

  A sandbar also appears during low tide of the day. Which makes the place more surreal.

  I did not regret that we decided to stay for two nights on the place. Since we had the beach all to ourselves. Alibijaban is a small island within the coast of San Andres, Quezon. We did not mind driving for 8 hours going to the island. It was such joy to drive on country side. The fresh air and the zig-zag road that will remind you of Baguio, but be prepared to experience unfamaliar sights - Chickens crossing the road, kids playing on the pavement, there is even a instance of a boat crossing the street! Traffic is almost a thing of the past after passing by Batangas. You also dont need to worry where to park going to the island. The town proper has a nice port where you can park safely for a very small fee.

  The island has a community of a few houses. You can buy fresh catch if you will be able to wake up early and haggle with the fishermen. The community does not have electricity but most houses have solar panels for their electric needs. They community have a small store. A mini canteen and other establishments for their basic needs. 

    I just have a request for those planning to go to the island. Please, please let us keep it as is. Don't let it be another Calaguas. Follow LNT rules at all times, so that we can share it to the next generation. 

See you again in the future, Alibijaban!

Locals of Alibijaban

San Andres has a very good port. It even has a big parking lot

Kids at the port

Kids at the port

Sea Creatures

More sea creatures


Mangroves is very abundant on the island

We saw a shipwreck. According to locals 
it was parked here and was accidentally burned

The island has good trails

An Unknown flower

Bloat Fish

Games that kids play - Snail race (exciting!)

Their version of a Doll House

We saw a store in a village. 

The village source of electricity. Solar.

A farmer gathering mangrove lumber

Our camp

Cottage by the sea

The island has a sandbar that comes out during low tide

At last a much better headstand

The total  distance of the place from Manila

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