Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail

January 9, 2012

Mt. Cinco Picos and Silanguin Cove II

   A few weeks ago I decided to comeback to Silanguin cove, but this time with a lot more friends and family. I also distributed the itinerary to three days to make it more relax and enjoy the hike and beach more. 
    The Zambales area has not been receiving a good amount of rainfall, this was very evident on the trail. It also seems less hikers were using the trail, there were parts were the path was not very recognizable. The grass were also higher that an average human (well at least higher than me), and getting through them scatters the polen/dust that they have. 
   Since it was early January, the campsite was colder than I expected. It was also very windy that its very difficult to cook. 

  We arrived at the beach a little  bit after lunch of the 2nd day. The last time I was in Silanguin we stayed in the middle part. Since the shoreline is very long (approx 3 kms) we opted to camp out on the right side (if facing the cove). The shoreline was wider and more beautiful on this part of the cove. Swimming was also very nice because the water was still not deep eventhough your already far away from shore. 
    We were also able to buy seafoods from local fisherman in the area, for our dinner. The third day, a friend and I decided to explore the area a bit more. To our amazement there was a big lagoon not easily recognizable. 

   The place is really good that we are already thinking of coming back again. =)

  PS: I brought my daughter to this climb. I think she is really a outdoor girl now. She didn't got tired and totally enjoy every minute of the trip. We'll except for the descent part, she's complaining here feet was aching largely because she outgrown her shoes. 

Passing the Torch

First CampNight

Silanguin Cove

The Gang

Dry River

Long and Winding Beach

Great shot

Fresh Dinner

Most Beautiful Sunset

Bumming Around

Still Waters


The Secret Lagoon