Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
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September 30, 2014

Rappeling 101 at Bitbit Bridge

  I had my few experience of rappelling (sort of)... growing up in a farm there were some work that sometimes you need to  hang yourself whenever I help my dad. I recall in my younger years I also had tried going down on a rope but without a harness.  I also tried wall climbing which in some way, is rappelling. 
So last week, we organize a rappelling activity in the office. We were a group of 10 weekend warriors. The location was in Bitbit bridge in Norzagaray Bulacan. A 100-foot bridge (approx. the height of the 10 storey building) along the Angat and Ipo dam reservoir. We hired a rappelling instructor who has 14 years experience in ropes. 

   Basically, after the provider giving us a short lecture on how to rappel properly,  we went to the bridge. The jumper master  (that is how they are normally called) anchored the ropes on the bridge and started placing the harness on those who are ready to do the jumping. 


Gearing up

The Traditional Rappel

 The Aussie Rappel

Game Gals!

View from Below
 Traditional (Walled) Rappel

Loading up after a fun filled day!

 All in all it was a fun experience. The most difficult part is starting your jump and getting off the platform specially on the 'aussie' style of rappelling. Each jump I can always feel my heart beating fast. I guess I am still human after  all. 

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