Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail

November 4, 2008

Hiking Minnesota

The Weather here in Minnesota had been going down tremendously as the winter approaches. But last sunday miraculously it was sunny and the temperature was about 20C. So I decided to take my long planned hike to a nature trail found here in Eden Prairie(purgatory creek). Long planned but I was not that prepared, I was thinking I might not be able to do this anymore because of the weather and logistics. So hurriedly I logon to google earth and took my directions and note everything I could find, prepared my stuff and began my hike/walk. It took me almost 2 hours just to reach the site, passing by main roads intersections and village houses. There was even a time I went under the bridge to pass the main highway.
Upon reaching the place first thing I notice was there are lots of birds, lots of birds means lots of trees. I was expecting a place were there is an establish trail. But to my surprise, its a very thick forrest with lots of tall bushes and grass. It was just like Im doing an exploration of a mountain in the Philippines, theres no clear path and you can easily get lost (kindda like the forrest in Blair Witch movie). As I enter and went deep into the place I got several bruises on my left arm. I usually bend on small paths that can be found on several bushes. I think these are paths of animals that roam here, coz I can see their tracks and droppings on this trail. I was able to see two squirrels eating tree flowers. I also see a Doe, but thinking it was a wolf I was caught by surprise ( I also saw paw prints, maybe from a dog or wolf). The Doe ran and jump so fast I was not able to take a picture of it. I also reach the brook that was all along this trail. Water is clear but the look is not that pretty. Just like a small river in the province in our country. As the sun started to set, I decided to go back. Its a good thing I have my compass watch which help find my way back.
Though Im not that fulfilled as I was not able to fully explore the place, my curiosity was quench as how is it to do a Hiking Minnesota.

If I may add, arriving home and looking at the pdf file on the website was dated 2005. Hence the change in the place, maybe not to many locals are accesing this place.
More pictures here
Passing a lake on my way

Blair Witch Forrest

Squirrels getting food

Deer tracks

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