Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
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February 17, 2009

MSR 4L Dromedary bag.

Since I decided to go LightPacking, I need to free-up as much space as possible to my bag. This is one of the reason I bought this hydration equipment. The main benifit of this bag is that its a space saver. It normally molds to the space inside the backpack where you put it, unlike water bottles that create gaps. It is also very durable, abration resistant. I have tried putting hot water, cold water, used it as a pillow and even hanged it in a tree, still no problem was encountered. You can even interchange the cap of a Nalgene 1L water bottle with this one.
One downside though is that when new, water has a plastic after taste. But there is a remedy, I ask MSR customer service and they emailed me the simple procedure. But it could have been better if this was included in the manual.


- Very Durable

- Space Saver

- Frees space in your bag as water is consumed

- Light


- Water has plastic after taste when new

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