Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
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June 18, 2009

A Tribute to Jay Lorenzo

June 13,2009. News came to me that until this moment I'm unable to grasp. Jay Lorenzo ongoing Vice President of PALMC died from a vehicular accident. Loving husband and a father of three young kids. He just turned 38.

Up to this moment Im still on denial stage. Just three weeks ago we have concluded a very successfull Mt. Tabayok outreach program. Last holyweek we climb Mt. Guiting-guiting and had a very good time together. It was also through him that we were able to go to carabao island for our sidetrip. I will always remember him wearing sunglasses that I always joke as 'everest goggles'. A guy who is very strict to Itineraries and have a very good negotations skills.

He's supposed to lead a climb in Mt. Kalatungan in Bukidnon at the end of June. They are even planning to comeback to Mt. Guiting-guiting next year and do a traverse. Heck, hes supposed to celebrate his birthday on the 14th!

Jay, you surely are gonna be missed. The void you left in this world can never be filled. The memories you provided in PALMC and in our hearts are going to last forever.

We'll see you in the morning Jay.

Those Everest Goggles

One of my stolen shots of Jay

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  1. Jay was a funny guy, always teasing me about someone, and nothing was ever impossible with him. I'd tell him I have a problem with regards a climb detail, he'd go: "Madali lang yan."

    When I thought that I f@cked up about G2, he was very supportive. Of course, that one ended up well, there was no problem after all.

    In G2, I kept heckling him to the edge of a boulder, I wanted a great shot of him. And he would always reply with "I have 3 kids to think about."

    He was safety conscious. He wore safety gear when driving his bike. It was just a freaky accident.

    I'm gonna miss him terribly.