Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
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February 4, 2011

Mt. Cinco Picos traverse to Silanguin Cove

After several cancellations, my long plan climb Cinco Picos that will traverse into Silanguin Cove finally went into fruition. I was really pushing for the climb to be spread into three days, the main reason was that I assumed that doing it on an overnight might put most of our time on the hike. Then have minimal time to enjoy the beach. But due to conflicts in schedule of the participants, we decided to go for two day hike.

As expected, the trail of Cinco Picos during our climb was very much different the last time I was here. It was the rainy season then and everything was green. It was even raining when we climb so it was cool during our climb. Compared to now, all of the surrounding were almost brown. And since the trail is between hills (valley like) there is no wind breeze, it was so humid and hot.

The traverse trail to Silanguin Cove starts from the Cinco Picos campsite. The start of the trail is very steep very much similar to nagsasa trail but is more decline. After a few minutes it will become a bit flat then later totally flat with trees covering the area. We reach the cove after around 10-11 hours hike with just enough rest in between. I even slept at the campsite since we arrived earlier than the time alloted in the IT. Since I was so sleepy due to the very early trek, I decided to take a power nap. hehehe. Thanks to our girl buddies who was surprising strong (though exhausted) that were able to stick to our IT.

To describe the beach, its much longer than Nagsasa (I think around 3KM) but narrower, well at least on the side that were at. The other side seems to be better (my hike mates went there to buy soda for 80 pesos!). Next time well try to stay on that side. The place is very much pristine, proof is that were the only ones during that time. We saw several rare sea creature, like a sea snake (c/o Tins olympus h20 cam). And there are sand dumpings on the beach from creatures we dont know and we didnt saw. Another proof that minimal people explore the beach is that we saw lots and lots of antlions. Which wont be able to thrive on sands that are usually step on.

I was really surprise we were able to enjoy the beach eventhough its just an overnight hike. I will surely go back to this place before it become another anawangin or nagasasa. Thanks hikemates for such a wonderful time.

The Gang

Bundok Dayungan

Hanjin Shipyard

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The shore, beach and mountain


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  1. Lets explore again Bro this Silangin Cove again.

    1. Thanks for your help mike. Dayungan to Silanguin isa blast!