Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
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February 12, 2013

Mt. Maculot New Trail

I can now confirm that a new trail has been created in Mt. Maculot. The existence of the old traditional trail, which had been there for decades or maybe ever since the mountain had been open to the public....was no more. The reason according to the locals, was that landslides had occurred making the old traditional trail very dangerous. An fatal accident almost happened last week in one of the climbers, this prompted the local government  to act swiftly and create a new one. The new trail is very fresh and was shy of two weeks old. 

The trail per my assesment is not suitable for beginners, at least for now. We learned this the hard way last weekend when we brought a bunch of newbies. Its a good thing me and my group went via traverse trail, the other half of the group was not so lucky. 

Hopefully as time passes by, and more climbers use this trail. Will make it more sturdy and not loose as is it is now.

How it is now (sorry I dont have pic of the old  one)

Nevertheless the view is always mesmerizing


  1. Hi! We're going to Mt. Maculot this weekend, and we'll be hosting some friends on their first climb. Mt. Maculot was my first mountain to climb as well, but with the new trail, is it still doable for newbies? Thanks!

  2. Hi Leo,

    Yes, its doable for newbies. But expect it to be 1 or 2 notches more difficult than the old trail. What I can suggest is to set additional budget on the trekking time and set also expectations to the group. The soil is loose, expect it to be slippery going down specially if there is rain.