Nature-ral High

Nature-ral High
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail

December 4, 2012

Balagbag Falls


  After the failed attempt to go to Balagbag falls last month, its inevitable that we will try to go back. Its a good thing the Nov30 holiday fell on a Friday, this was the perfect time to hit the road again. 

  We left early morning to avoid the traffic, since were passing by Rizal and Laguna. We arrived in Real,Quezon after around 4-5 hours of driving, dropping by Real fish port to buy freshly catch fish for our lunch. The jump-off to the falls is around 2-3Km from the main road. The road is rocky but is situated along the beautiful Real Coastline and with the view of the Pacific ocean. Another 10 minute walk is needed to reach the falls. 

   To describe the place, the water comes down from the mountain. Its a two level cascading water fall, the first one is around 60-70 feet, the second one around 20-30 feet. There is abundance of trees on both sides of the falls that makes the view more mesmerizing.  The water is not that clear but is clean and cold. The first level though the higher of the two, has a very shallow pond. This is because the water is spread wide on the rock before it hits the bottom. The second level is where everyone swims, but only the middle part is deep. So if you want to do a jump from the top of the second level, make sure you fall on this portion, else injury will be everywhere. This is actually what makes this jump scary..... but yet fulfilling. 

   Its actually possible to camp near the jump-off since its beside the ocean and covered with coconut trees. There is a natural breakwater along the shore made of of pile of large stone pebbles. When the waves hit this area you can hear the sound of water and rocks rolling back and port. Very relaxing. Though we were tempted  to camp in this area, we just checked-in in a resort. Its my first time to go to Real and we could explore better if we are in a better lodging. 

Real Fish Port

An Eel and a Stingray (isn't this illegal)
The coastline to the falls

Our lunch

"Inner Peace..."

"Inner Peace"  II

Cliff Jump (whew!)


   The place is situated between mountains and ocean,  reminds me of my hometown when I was still small. Very slow pace lifestyle. Minimal vehicles on the road. Children playing as if the world is they playground. We were even able to make a room reservation without a down payment and there is no definite time for checkout! When you drive at night, its just like you own the road. We tried checking the city proper and life is still simple, locals own the establishments and the tricycle driver are courteous.

   Going back home we decided to go a different way. Its the Laguna-Batangas route. Its nice actually to be able to see the whole other side of Laguna lake. 


So Relaxing

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